NAAC (National Assessment & Accreditation Council)

What is NAAC?

The  (NAAC) National Assessment & Accreditation Council is an autonomous body funded by the University Grants Commission and headquartered in Bangalore. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council is a government organization in India that assesses and accredits Higher Education Institutions. NAAC accreditation is mandatory for all the higher education institutes in India and only NAAC-accredited universities in India are eligible for UGC grants.

Without NAAC accreditation, universities are not eligible for UGC grants, RUSA grants, financial aid etc. On the other hand, NAAC accreditation determines the quality of the institute in terms of education, infrastructure, research, teaching & learning etc. Institutes with top NAAC grades such as ‘A++’, ‘A+’ and ‘A’ are most sought-after institutes, as they offer high-quality education.

What are the benefits of NAAC Accreditation?

  • Institution to know its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities through an informed review process.
  • Identification of internal areas of planning and resource allocation.
  • Collegiality on the campus.
  • Funding agencies look for objective data for performance funding.
  • Institutions to initiate innovative and modern methods of pedagogy.
  • New sense of direction and identity for institutions.
  • The society look for reliable information on quality education offered.
  • Employers look for reliable information on the quality of education offered to the prospective recruits.
  • Intra and inter-institutional interactions.

What Knowledge Heads offers?

Knowledge Heads provide NAAC accreditation consultancy ,training and guidance to Universities, Autonomous colleges, Constituent Colleges and Affiliated Colleges to get NAAC accredited. We also extend consultancy to Accredited HEI, (Higher Education Institutions) for Reassessment and Subsequent Cycles. (Cycle 2, Cycle 3, Cycle 4) of Accreditation. Under our consultancy service for NAAC we guide the Education Institution to make the action plan in order to get NAAC Accreditation.

Our Consultancy guidelines supports Teaching and Learning process, Learners’ assessment and performance, Curriculum coverage plans, Documentation, Teachers training and workshops, Human resource management, Resource management, Management and Administration Support, Leadership advisory, Beneficiary satisfaction analysis etc.

We provide consultancy and guideline for the main process for NAAC Accreditation

  • I.I.Q.A (Registration)
  • S.S.R. Report
  • D.V.V. Clarification
  • Peer Team Visit
  • A.Q.A.R (Submission annual basis)

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