Professional Development & Training

What is the importance of professional development
& training?

Professional development is about life-long learning and growing as an educator and learner. We always have the potential to progress and refine our teaching skills. Professional development for anyone is necessary, as innovative information, techniques, and methods are continually being updated and enhanced.

When educators discover new teaching strategies through professional development, they are able implement innovative practices in education and withdraw better conclusion. However, these changes are hard to evaluate because they are typically implemented gradually. Professional development for teachers makes them more efficient in their
presentations and course evaluations by exposing educators to new delivery methods, evaluation styles and record-keeping strategies. Professional development is not effective unless it causes teachers to improve their instruction and teaching practices.

Effective professional development enables educators (stakeholders, administrators ,teachers )to develop the knowledge and skills they need to address students’ learning challenges. Educators who participate in professional development they must put their new knowledge and skills to work.

What Knowledge Heads offers?

Knowledge Heads Professional Development and Training program are designed to engage educators in innovative learning experiences. They also serve as the powerful engagement to ensure institute/organization meet professional learning requirement. We offer Workshops, Seminars, Personality Development, Faculty Development, Teaching and learning Enhancement, Skill Based Training, Professional Enhancement and Research. We customize the entire Professional Development Program that fits your need, goals , objectives and interests. Our Professional Development, Workshops and Training program is a great support system in getting Accreditations, Affiliations and Approvals.


  • Development and implementation of standards and practices for better implementation of the programmes
  • Assessment
  • Collaborative Planning
  • Pedagogical Leadership
  • Enhancement of teaching and learning
  • Curriculum development
  • Written Curriculum
  • Taught Curriculum
  • Assessed Curriculum
  • Concept based learning
  • Differentiated teaching and learning
  • Making Library – The heart of education institution
  • Window to personal, social and physical education
  • Teachers as researchers
  • Teacher as a facilitator and a change agent
  • Role of a teacher in the present scenario
  • Transdisciplinary teaching and learning
  • Inculcating international mindedness
  • Student centered classroom
  • Student and leadership
  • How to nurture learner’s profile
  • Student engagement and involvement
  • Initiating actions
  • Attitude is everything
  • How to develop sustainability and accountability
  • Guidelines to make a curriculum achievement plan
  • Inquiry based teaching and learning
  • Role of arts in education
  • Role of language in education
  • Role of Maths in education
  • Role of Arts in education
  • Role of ICT in education
  • Insight into portfolio
  • Teaching through case study
  • Education for special need children
  • Team work
  • Habits of Mind-The habits support thoughtful and intelligent actions
  • Creating learning environment
  • Role of parents in education
  • Professional Communication
  • types of skills in education
  • High lights to communication skills
  • Type of meetings
  • Student led conference
  • Learning with mind maps
  • Learning with graphic organisers
  • Strategy menu for teaching and learning
  • Personality development
  • Group discussions
  • Development interview skills
  • Role of body language
  • Structure resume and C.V.
  • Role of co-ordinator
  • Role of principal/director
  • Role of event organisers
  • Role of management and board members
  • Ogranising exhibitions
  • Responsibility – A major essential agreement
  • Setting up labs and developing lab skills

1. Maths Lab
2. Language Lab
3. Social Studies Lab
4. Management Labs
5. ICT Lab
6. Physical Education Lab
7. Performing Arts Lab
8. Visual Arts Lab
9. Resource Centre
10. Science Lab

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